Temple Newsletter #37

Welcome fellow seekers to this edition of the weekly newsletter of Temple Of the Standing Stones. I am Cianaodh Óg, High Priest of this temple and elder of Spirit Of the Sycamore tradition.

If you missed last week’s newsletter you can still see it on our website at: Temple Newsletter #36.

The gods speak to us through the flight patterns of birds, the appearance of totem animals, via our spirit guides, by the stars, runes, tarot cards and many other ways. They also communicate with us through one another. Awen, that divine inspiration which flows from our poets and bards, can be heard in the lyrics of your favorite songs or read in your favorite books. It can also come to you from your fellow brothers and sisters of this realm in day to day conversations and interactions. You can be inspired watching dogs play or bees collecting pollen. Sometimes, even sitting, watching the embers of a fire in an old, beat up fire pit in a back yard, sipping a cold beverage and sharing stories with friends. The gods speak to us all the time. All we have to do is quite ourselves and listen…watch….pay attention. It is said that one of the greatest gods of my ancestors possesses a cauldron from which no company shall ever leave unsatisfied. It is also said that another great and powerful goddess possesses a cauldron from which knowledge and inspiration are brewed. I believe the contents of these cauldrons are bubbling forth onto the earth constantly and most of the time we are busy with our lives…busy paying bills… busy taking care of the kids…busy chasing this dream or that so we don’t take notice….we don’t pay heed. For just a little while, make time to quiet your mind and connect with the other side. Listen to what they are trying to tell you and meditate on it. Doing so can change your life.

To those I may have wronged...
To those I may have wronged…


TODAY! Craft Preparation For Samhain – Hosted By Mystic Willow Coven – Saturday, October 24th, 1pm til 6:00PM.

Mystic Willow Coven is responsible for the tradition’s Samhain camping celebration. We have crafts and other items to get ready in preparation for Samhain the next week, so we are getting together to work on those things.
Bring a dish to share.
Some coven business will also be discussed.
Only people who have met and been approved by the HPS will be allowed to attend. NEW members, need to meet with the HPS prior to this in order to be invited, for safety reasons.

RSVP on Meetup – http://www.meetup.com/Mystic-Willow-Coven/events/224358581/

Samhain and Elevations – Hosted By Mystic Willow Coven – Friday, October 30th, 1pm til Sunday, November 1st, 1:00PM.

Spirit of the Sycamore is planning it’s bi-yearly camping trip. We will celebrate the Celtic New Year and have elevation ceremonies on Saturday evening. Once again, there will be Tent-or-Treating for the kids (and the not so little chocolate junkies).

Crafts – Scrying mirrors, decorate a sugar skull and a 3rd to be named.
Hosted by Mystic Willow Coven.

In Venus, TX. Contact us for address and directions.

What to bring: (Optional)

Camping gear
Instrument For Music and Dance
Item For Potluck Dinner
Waffle Cones and stuff to put in them.
Strings Of Lights
Fire Pit
Apple Bobbing Stuff
Fire Wood
Power Strips
Tent-or-Treat Candy (Neighborhood Kids Too)
Glow Sticks
Food Donations for North Texas Food Bank or Sponsored Family In Need
Cash or Wishlist Donations for Cancer Care Services

You can always check our upcoming events on the Temple Calendar at the website: http://templeofthestones.org/calendar/

RSVP on Meetup – http://www.meetup.com/Temple-Of-the-Standing-Stones/events/223413294/

Family Day – Saturday, November 7th

Our temple clergy will be taking this week off to spend time with their families. Please check with us again next week for the New Trade Moon

You can always check our upcoming events on the Temple Calendar at the website: http://templeofthestones.org/calendar/

If you would like to help support our efforts please consider chipping in through our Meetup Group: http://templeofthestones.org/chip-in/

We are all just walking one another home,

Cianaodh Óg – HP of Temple Of the Standing Stones – Arlington, Texas and Elder of Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition.

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