Temple Newsletter #20

Welcome fellow seekers to this week’s edition of the weekly newsletter of Temple Of the Standing Stones. I am Cianaodh Óg, High Priest and fellow seeker of wisdom.

If you missed last week’s newsletter you can still see it on our website at: Temple Newsletter #19.

Blessed Full Mead Moon
Blessed Full Mead Moon

If you celebrate this moon and by whatever name you call it (for us it is the Mead Moon) may your observance be filled with joy and enlightenment. The actual full moon will be on July 1st at 9:20pm our local time but we will be celebrating it tonight with our initiated clergy only at an undisclosed location.

Fanatics, extremism, fundamentalism!  Extremism comes in many forms, not just religious, but political ideologies or philosophies about life that fall outside of the spiritual realm even. For example, environmental issues, economic policies, manufacturing processes. People are naturally competitive so you see rivalries over things like, who makes the better vehicles, Ford or Chevy? Apple vs. PC, Conservative vs. Liberal. Take your pick. It’s healthy to have your own biases, your own likes and dislikes. Where we run into trouble is when we decide that our truth is the ultimate truth and everyone else must see it our way. This is where healthy rivalries turn into ugly, bitter disputes, even violence. We should all caution ourselves to at least understand another person’s point of view in a non-vitriolic,  non-judgmental way. To honestly try to see their situation and why they might feel the way they do, even if we don’t agree with them. Condescending arguments in which we break down the other side and make them feel inferior or foolish for their choices only pour fuel on the fire but seldom win people over to your way of thinking. When discussing topics with one another in which we disagree, try to use the most tactful and diplomatic language possible and make it clear that you see their opinions as just as valid as your own even if yours and theirs are polar opposites.

The way to common ground is not via hurling insults at one another but in being able to negotiate and compromise with one another. If a compromise can’t be reached then be able to walk away from the discussion agreeing to disagree but holding no enmity toward one another. This is how we tolerate others in this world as population growth and technology push us closer and closer together. This is how we CoExist rather than leave a world torn apart by violence and hatred to the generations we are borrowing this earth from. Those who will follow us will thank us if we work to make a better world today. Otherwise, they will hold us accountable. How would you like to be remembered?

(Just an FYI, do I always follow this advice? Not always, but I try. We all need reminders once in awhile though. Myself included.)

This week there were, unfortunately, no submissions from the tribe for our newsletter. So, I went in search of something to share. I found this ponderous piece of artwork and prose called ‘Nothingness’ on Hortus Closus.

Art By Mugsy
Art By Mugsy

I come from the East,
I come from the West.

I am neither from the East
I am neither from the West.

I come with the wind,
I bear desolation,
I bear the hope.

I dance with the wind,
I dance in the sky


If anyone else has some original poetry, artwork, an essay or any other creative work they would like to share in the next or other future newsletters please let me know at templehp@templeofthestones.org. I’m always happy to show off the talents of our tribe!


Upcoming Temple Events:

Mead Moon Esbat   – Saturday, June 27th 10PM Initiated Clergy Only. Skyclad. Location revealed to those who will be attending ONLY.

Crafts, Music and Dance and 4th of July Party   – Saturday, July 4th 3PM til Midnight(ish). At Wahya and Ta’li Seabhac’s home in Venus, TX. If you don’t know where that is, get in touch and let us know you would like to attend. Fireworks are legal there and we plan to set off our share. We’ll give you the address privately. templehp@templeofthestones.org

Lesson, Energy Working and Psychic Challenges  – Saturday, July 11th 7pm til 11PM (or so). Temple Mother Em’ introduced us to some fun and interesting psychic challenge games and we’ve had some visitors come in the past to share their knowledge of energy working with the group. Let’s get together and do some more of these exercises. It’s a fun and interesting way for us to discover gifts we might not have even realized we had or to hone and focus ones that we were already aware of. Come give it a try! This will be at Cianaodh‘s home in Arlington, Texas. Address will be given to registered guests.

What to bring: (Optional)

Camping chair
Snack Item To Share
Food Donations for North Texas Food Bank
Donations for Cancer Care Services


You can always check our upcoming events on the Temple Calendar at the website: http://templeofthestones.org/calendar/

If you would like to help support our efforts please consider chipping in through our Meetup Group: http://templeofthestones.org/chip-in/

Health and Blessings!

Cianaodh Óg – High Priest of Temple Of the Standing Stones – Arlington, Texas

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