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Temple Newsletter #30

Welcome fellow seekers to this edition of the weekly newsletter of Temple Of the Standing Stones. I am Cianaodh Óg, High Priest and fellow wandering spirit on this plane of existence.

If you missed last week’s newsletter you can still see it on our website at: Temple Newsletter #29.

Words Cast Spells! – You’ve probably heard it before and seen memes around that say the same but it is true in many ways. Humankind’s ability to communicate and therefore exchange thoughts, ideas, feelings and more from one mind to others is perhaps among our oldest and most powerful magics. Carefully chosen and well used words can yield fantastic results in your life and the lives of others. Even the scriptures of other religions touch on this power even speaking of everything beginning with the power of spoken words. What words will you choose today to bring things into existence and manifest energies into your life? Try sprinkling around some compliments to the people you interact with today and see how many people you can make smile. Keep your circle of energy positive by choosing positive words. Try it! You might like it! 🙂

Pagan Unity Fest – Today will be the day and in one hour and forty minutes from the moment this newsletter is scheduled to be published Spirit Of the Sycamore tradition is on the roster to officiate the opening ritual. We look forward to being there and sharing the energy with our extended spiritual families of the DFW Pagan community. Together we all make up a unique patchwork quilt of traditions and philosophies which share some common ground that we may meet on. We are like many branches on the same tree. With lives of our own who sway with the winds in our own way but we all get our nourishment from the same mother earth and feel the warm energy of father sun upon our leaves. Come celebrate with us!

Gaelic Proverb:

Am fear nach eisd ris nach toigh leis cha’n fhaic e na’s fhearr leis.

He who will not listen to what he does not like will not see what will please him.

Upcoming Temple Events:

TODAY! Pagan Unity Fest – Saturday, September 5th, 10am til 6:30pm

Today we will be at Pagan Unity Fest at Arlington UU. 2001 California Lane, Arlington, TX. Spirit Of the Sycamore tradition will be hosting the opening ritual as well as an information table. Some of our members will also be volunteering and vending there. Come on out and see us!

DFW Pagan Unity Fest
DFW Pagan Unity Fest

Today we will be at Pagan Unity Fest at Arlington UU. 2001 California Lane, Arlington, TX. Spirit Of the Sycamore tradition will be hosting the opening ritual as well as an information table. Some of our members will also be volunteering and vending there. Come on out and see us!

Workshops, Vendors, Children’s Activities, Entertainment, Charity Auction and Raffles
This is a free community event
Bring your folding chairs or blankets for workshops and performances

Remember this is an outdoor event, in Texas, in Sept..It’s going to be hot!
Please dress accordingly and stay hydrated! No alcohol is permitted.
Bring your own folding chairs for workshops, performances ect..

Please note….This is a family friendly event..No weapons or firearms of any kind,No illegal substances, No alcohol will be permitted or tolerated on the UU grounds during this event.

We love our fur babies, familiars and service animals and they are welcome at the event(outside only) but remember it will be hot and lots of activity and people, so it may not be a comfortable day for them. While animals are permitted, I strongly advise to only bring them if NECESSARY. They need to be on a leash at all times, The UU grounds are home to cats and other wild life. That fact needs to be respected, we don’t want them chased or made to feel threatened.. And as always Please pick up after your fur baby..

How can you help?
Or donate ice, bottled water, canopy tents

sponsor opportunities available

Vendor spots are sold out

Food vendors
The Lunch Box
Kona Ice

Our Sponsors
Tiger Paw Creations
GreenMan Studios
Grove And Grotto
Maiden Mother Doula
Hearth Wisdom Store

Guest Speakers:
Ed Fitch
Aranon C’ean

Opening Ritual
Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition

Main Ritual
Amethyst Dragon

Healing Ritual
Circle of the Elders

Closing Ritual
Sumerian Gatherings


Chelsey Danielle
Daisy Windsong
Daniel KatsüK
Daryl Sprout
Belly Dance Performance Ann Rodriguez
Belly Dance Performance by
Layla Jameela Dahlal


Vendor set up starts at 8:00 am not before..No early birds please..We need to be there to direct set up….Vendors please pull into the the UU,someone will direct you where to unload, then move your vehicle to the school parking lot, then you can come back and begin set up. .We will have helpers at registration to watch your things while you park, then help you get your things to your vending spot as quickly as possible..
Vendors are responsible for own EZ ups tables chairs ect..

Arlington UU
Maypole Connections
Nature’s Way
Cosmic Crow Collective
Dreaming Priestess Creations
Amethyst Dragon
Pagan Provisions By Circle Of The Elders
Korinas’ Treasures
Spiral Harvest
Green Mountain Energy
Dallas Hypnosis Works
DFW Norml
The Crafty Piano Teacher
Just A Rat Rescue And Sanctuary
Jessicas’ Charms
Sacred Space Artistry
Peace Family Designs
Inner Light Artistry
Earth Spirit People
Youthful love designs
Groovy Goods
Venus 6 Gallery
Nocturnal Infusion Dreads
LadyBug Cottage
Magnetic Enchanments
Moonbeams Midwifery
Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition
Captain Ann Originals
Earth Rising
Cybies Originals
Stacys’ Henna Creations

All vendor sales are final

New Barley Moon Ritual – Saturday, September 12th, 5pm til 11PM (Ritual to begin at 8PM).

This event will be hosted at Cianaodh’s home in Arlington, Texas. Gathering in at 7PM, ritual to begin at 8PM. Address will be given upon request to those who are attending.

What to bring: (Optional)

Camping chair
Instrument For After Ritual Music and Dance
Item For Potluck Feast After Ritual
Food Donations for North Texas Food Bank or Sponsored Family In Need
Cash or Wishlist Donations for Cancer Care Services

Going To Da Woods! – Friday, September 18th til Sunday, September 20th

Those who know, know and we hope to see you there. Cost for camping is $20 per adult for the full weekend. Kids are free. If you’re staying in town, you might want to check out the 53rd annual Pow Wow at Traders Village in Grand Prairie that same weekend. There is a post with a link on the Event Notices board in the forum.

You can always check our upcoming events on the Temple Calendar at the website: http://templeofthestones.org/calendar/

If you would like to help support our efforts please consider chipping in through our Meetup Group: http://templeofthestones.org/chip-in/

May you never thirst,

Cianaodh Óg – High Priest of Temple Of the Standing Stones – Arlington, Texas


There are many prevailing theories throughout the community and within our temple regarding how exactly magick works or where the energy comes from and how it is directed but for the most part, we all believe in magick and believe that it is real. Now, what about the “k” on the end there in the spelling? That too is a thing you will see used by some and not by others. Those who use the “k” generally do so to differentiate the sort of magic we do (channeling energy with will to accomplish a set goal) with the stage magic which is an illusion for entertainment purposes. Some like the “k” while others think using it is just plain silly. To each their own!

So, what about those theories regarding what magick is and how it works? Well, let’s talk about some of those:

Some believe that the energy by which magick is done comes purely from within and that by directing this energy by their will and intent they can cause changes to occur whether it’s to raise healing energy for a friend or bind someone from causing harm to another for examples.

Others believe that the energy comes from outside themselves either from the surrounding area, from deities or other divine beings and that the magickal practitioner is merely the conduit which channels this energy to it’s intended purpose.

Still others believe it is a combination of the first two; that it is a cooperation between energies from within and energies from without to collaborate and focus through will on an intended goal.

Perhaps any of the three may be used in working magick and how the task is done is simply a matter of preference or perhaps one of the three is the correct method. Who knows? Debates over the hows and whys and what-ifs have gone on for centuries but one way or another, if you believe, it seems to work. Ultimately, that’s what is important.