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Two ways to spread the light...

Notice: Please take this post with a grain of salt as it is intended to reflect the opinion of Cianaodh Óg and only Cianaodh Óg NOT Temple Of the Standing Stones as a whole.

Mono. One. Whether applied to monoculture, monopoly, monotony, monotheism or anything else it implies that there is only one. Ever since I was a young man I never did buy into the concept of “only one”. Just one right way to live, only one way to get somewhere, there is only one way to believe….Nope, I said. That doesn’t work for me. I see many roads to get to places, lots of ways to get things done which all seem to work in their own way and one god? Yep, had trouble accepting that one too and at the age of 8 years old declared myself an agnostic because for a long time I knew of no other religious concepts beyond those which dominate the North Central Texas region. It took 22 years for something to change my mind and that something came in the form of a goddess who spoke to me and told me there was another way and that I should learn all I can and help others as well to see that there is another way to believe and other ways to live. So here I am, trying as best I can to do just that. But, I am still a mere mortal man bumbling along on my path and making probably more than my fair share of mistakes along the way.

Luckily for me though, the gods have sent a gifted support network my way. I have a very supportive, talented and loving wife who helps keep me grounded and provides me with artistic inspiration to keep me going. Some of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met who I am proud to count among my friends, lovers, acquaintances, brothers and sisters. Because, I don’t have to do this mono (alone). THANK THE GODS FOR THAT! I mean that from the bottom of my heart because this temple and it’s goals are a massive undertaking for anyone to try to take on but it’s worth every bit of effort. If we can change the world for the better and give our children the gift of peace and coexistence then what else could you ask for really?

But back to this topic of mono. Is there only one way to teach a child? No, there are so many different ways that people learn, so many different personality types and so many varied aptitudes that there is no way one size can fit all. How does that old saying go? Everyone is a genius but if you try to teach a fish how to climb a tree it will go through life thinking it’s stupid? It was an Einstein quote if my memory serves me right but I’m not sure enough that I got it right to put the quotation marks on it right now. I’m sure someone will correct me. I’ve got people for that and again, THANK THE GODS! Because, I don’t wanna do it alone. If you find yourself alone you start questioning whether or not you’re going the right way. Mono. Yeah, if one path isn’t working for you, maybe try another?

Bless The Bees,

Cianaodh Óg

Celtic Pub Night


One of the plans in the works to be rolled out in conjunction with Temple Of The Standing Stones will be the occasional Celtic Pub Night party. It’ll be a good night to wear your kilt or other Celtic attire, come hoist a pint or share in some fine Celtic cuisine and music, play a round or two of darts and other amusements. Maybe even brush up on some Gaelic language skills.

These will be open to anyone wishing to celebrate all things Celtic and you won’t have to be a member of the temple to attend and participate. Because most of these will be held in a private home except on special occasions in which we decide to invade some other establishment we will ask that people RSVP so that we know who and how many to expect. Announcements will be made and event notices will go out via Meetup.com or other social media venues. So stay tuned!