Standing Stones

Just as a point of clarification, because it has been brought up; the stones pictured in the banner for Temple Of the Standing Stones do not depict a physical location in Arlington, Texas now or in the future. They are, from left to right.

Drombeg Circle, West Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Poulnabrone dromen, photo taken by Jon Sullivan, Clare, Co., Ireland.

The standing stones at Ballymeanoch, Kilmartin Glen.

The Ménec alignments, the most well-known megalithic site among the Carnac stones.

As cool as it would indeed be, no one in the North Texas Pagan community that I am aware of has the resources available to erect stones like these for a temple and the only standing stones in Arlington, Texas that I am aware of are Caelum Moor at Richard Greene Linear Park which were built by a Christian sculptor, Norm Hines, in the 1980s at a different location in Arlington and are now owned by the city.

My apologies for any confusion but our temple, like many Pagan groups currently in existence, will meet at a humble home. In this case located in southeast Arlington except for times that we choose to meet at rented space such as at Arlington, UU church. I am but a simple man with simple resources. But big dreams! If, however, I should ever hit the lottery, then you may see stones like these erected somewhere.

Thank you! 🙂

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  1. I figured those pics were from the old world.I have a 30 ft diameter stone circle with a fire pit in the center.Also have a stone alter.A 2 ton stone slab sitting on 3 stone uprights. Underneath a huge live oak called the Green Cathedral.On 400 acres 50 miles north of Ft Worth.


  2. Technically,It is the Covenstead of the Circle of the Green Cathedral.We practice Blue Star Wicca.We are kinda taking a rest.3 of us are the core and have been together for over 10 years.The stone circle is the outer circle and can be used by other groups.Never have rented it.on another part of my property we have hosted an SCA event with as many as 500 people attending.


    1. I see. Well, if in the future, you decide you might like to consider renting it, please keep us in mind. Esoteric Path of Enlightenment might like to hold a future gathering of the tribes at such a place.

  3. My house is built on the edge of a limestone quarry that was mined in the 1880’s when they built the railroad.That is where the stones came from.I have LOTS more.


    1. That’s been a very long time. Maeven and Walter only recently moved back to the area. They are not currently involved with the PPD planning committee though. I hope you make it out. It would be good to meet you.

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