Skyclad Embracement

​Because Temple Of the Standing Stones respects the concepts of naturism and freedom we provide an environment in our camping spaces and some of our gatherings where those who wish to be skyclad, free from the judgement of puritan based society or those modern fabrications of the notions of beauty, purity and what constitutes “proper” bodily adornments may do so in peace.

Not all within Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition embrace these concepts so these skyclad freedom zones are marked by signs declaring the space as clothing optional. Not everyone who enters such zones has to necessarily be skyclad but they must respect the freedom and rights of others to do so in a safe, loving, judgement free environment.

These are safe zones for those who wish to commune with nature and spirits in their own way so if the human body offends you be aware you enter such spaces at your own risk. You will not be judged if you choose not to participate in the skyclad activities (except designated skyclad rituals) but judgement of those who do so in these zones will not be tolerated.

Even the Charge of the Goddess says “and as a sign that you truly be free, you shall be naked in your rites”.

Blessed Be.

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