There are many prevailing theories throughout the community and within our temple regarding how exactly magick works or where the energy comes from and how it is directed but for the most part, we all believe in magick and believe that it is real. Now, what about the “k” on the end there in the spelling? That too is a thing you will see used by some and not by others. Those who use the “k” generally do so to differentiate the sort of magic we do (channeling energy with will to accomplish a set goal) with the stage magic which is an illusion for entertainment purposes. Some like the “k” while others think using it is just plain silly. To each their own!

So, what about those theories regarding what magick is and how it works? Well, let’s talk about some of those:

Some believe that the energy by which magick is done comes purely from within and that by directing this energy by their will and intent they can cause changes to occur whether it’s to raise healing energy for a friend or bind someone from causing harm to another for examples.

Others believe that the energy comes from outside themselves either from the surrounding area, from deities or other divine beings and that the magickal practitioner is merely the conduit which channels this energy to it’s intended purpose.

Still others believe it is a combination of the first two; that it is a cooperation between energies from within and energies from without to collaborate and focus through will on an intended goal.

Perhaps any of the three may be used in working magick and how the task is done is simply a matter of preference or perhaps one of the three is the correct method. Who knows? Debates over the hows and whys and what-ifs have gone on for centuries but one way or another, if you believe, it seems to work. Ultimately, that’s what is important.


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