Expectations Of High Priest or Priestess

The following Expectations Article is intended for members of Temple Of the Standing Stones. It was adopted by mutual agreement by the elders Cianaodh Óg, Arachne Crowsinger, and Sera Freya on February 7th, 2015 to not be in conflict with the vision of the Spirit Of The Sycamore tradition upon it’s formal founding this coming Ostara, 2015.

A High Priest(ess) is a person who leads a temple, coven or other group within the tradition. So this person will obviously need to be very knowledgeable about in our ways and beliefs.

The Role of a HPs
High Priest(esse)s have responsibilities. You become a HP(s) by the performance of these duties, not by choosing the title.
In order to fulfill the responsibilities of a HP(s), you will need to be familiar with not only the basics of the tradition, but skilled in…

    Advanced Pagan Studies
    Magick and energy work
    Planning rituals
    Event coordination
    People skills
    Conflict Resolution
    Ritual etiquette
    Teaching others
    Channelling and Aspecting the Divine

The Personality of a HP(s)
There are also personality requirements for the role. Not everyone is cut out to be a HP(s), and — just like being president or prime minister — often the people most qualified for the job don’t want it, and the unqualified people are eager for it.
Most novices notice only the glamour and (apparent) power of the position. They don’t notice the hard work and tireless dedication that comes with the job. They also don’t notice that the leader is the one who is serving the group, not the one wielding power.
So a prospective HP(s) also needs to have certain personal qualifications…

    Solid self-esteem
    Emotional balance
    Respect for others, and the Divine within everyone
    Generosity of spirit
    Vast patience
    Extreme kindness
    Psychological maturity
    A certain amount of social charisma
    Ongoing personal intimacy with the Divine
    Rather than, say, always asking the Gods for things, he or she appreciates the gifts they give him or her — even the painful ones.

Lest we imagine it’s all honour and glamour, the HP(s) is also the one in charge of setting up, taking down, and cleaning after a ritual!

Acting High Priest(ess): An acting High Priest or Priestess is expected to fulfill all the roles, traits and abilities expected of an actual HP or HPs to the best of their ability and learn what needs to be learned (on the job) under the tutelage of an actual third degree priest or priestess. In the event that an acting HP(s) oversteps their boundaries and authority in the fulfillment of this role it is the third degree mentor’s responsibility to call them into check. But at the same time an acting HP(s) needs to, at times, test these boundaries for one can not be expected to mentor into a leadership role without possessing actual experience in leading.

The preceding text is an adaptation from an article on Wicca Spirituality called, What Makes A High Priestess. The original article can be found here: http://www.wicca-spirituality.com/high-priestess.html

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