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We, the clergy of Temple Of the Standing Stones and Spirit Of the Sycamore tradition are not involved in the work we do in order to make lots of money. We don’t aspire to emulate some of the well known televangelists and leaders of multi-million dollar mega churches who enrich themselves while throngs of homeless, sick, orphaned and otherwise poor receive little to no help. Our clergy members are all volunteers who work regular full time jobs or are home makers raising kids and taking care of their families. We do what we do out of the love for our gods in the many ways we conceive of them. We do what we do to honor our ancestors and to commune with nature. We are children of the earth and we seek to heal and reconnect ourselves and others with a past that has been lost. We host regular rituals and gatherings which are accessible to anyone who wishes to attend and we regularly publish posts, articles and other information for anyone who is interested. We want to make people aware that there are other paths besides belief in a single, divine entity who sits in judgement of us or belief in no divine being at all. We want to foster safe and welcoming environments for people of alternative faiths in our communities. We also want to help our communities with charity work and food drives.

But putting on all of these events does cost money. There are candles, incense and other ritual items to buy. Paper and ink for printed materials, sometimes site rental fees and other incidental costs. So, we do need money to operate and to be able to host bigger and better events for those who wish to attend. If you would like to help us in our efforts, please donate any sum you are able to at any of our gatherings where we usually have a donation jar available and we will use your generous contribution to help us better serve our community. Even a dollar or two can help buy some necessary ritual items. Thank you and may the gods, goddesses, ancestors and nature spirits bless you and yours!


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