Basic Beliefs

Our temple members come from a variety of backgrounds and belief systems however, we have a broad enough structure that we hope most all Pagans will be able to find a place here. We approach the concept of the divine with open mindedness and flexibility. We believe that it’s okay to ask questions about the divine and explore all images of this vast concept for we all have our own personal relationship with deity, the gods or that creative life force of the universe. However you perceive the divine, it may fit within the animistic concept that all that exists is made up of the same creative energy. We believe that, as individuals, we may all have our own personal perceptions of and relationships with the divine. Those perceptions and relationships may even change as we learn and grow on our spiritual journey. Whereas one person may perceive a duotheistic version of the divine in which all gods are facets of one God and all goddesses facets of one Goddess but another may perceive that all gods and goddesses are individual beings in their own right. Still another person might perceive that all of these divine beings are simply different faces of the one true God. Who is right? Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in the middle ground. Perhaps that one creative energy of which all things, living and non-living, throughout the universe can take all of these forms based on each individual’s needs. Perhaps the concept of the divine is too big to fit in one sentence, one book or even a thousand books. If there are 7 billion people living on a planet and they all have a concept of the divine that is working for them, then so long as they are not harming anyone, perhaps all of their truths are correct but each is only a glimpse of the entire truth. Look up a poem called The Blind Men And The Elephant by John Godfrey Saxe (1816-1887) sometime if you aren’t familiar with it. It lays out very well this concept, that we all have a piece of the truth and rather than argue about it we should work together to try to understand it.


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