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Welcome to the Temple Of the Standing Stones Seekers’ Orientation. In the following articles we hope to share with you the basics of our form of Paganism as we practice it within our temple and what we believe about the nature of creation and our place in it. It is our goal to answer as many of your questions as possible. So, let’s dive right in shall we?

MEET OUR HIGH PRIEST – He’s a little bit weird and sometimes smells funny but we tolerate that because he’s also fun and has some interesting ideas. ūüėČ

INTRO РHi! Welcome to Temple of the Standing Stones! This is an orientation of our Temple! We hold classes, field trips,  rituals, craft days and gatherings. We include kids when appropriate, and have alternative activities when it is not.

HISTORY OF OUR TEMPLEThis is our back story and how we relate to the community at large.

THE BASICS OF OUR BELIEFS – Our temple members come from a variety of backgrounds and belief systems however, we have a broad enough structure that we hope most all Pagans will be able to find a place here.

РРDeity Our approach to deity and how our members conceptualize the divine.

– – ReincarnationMost of our members believe in one form of reincarnation or another. Here’s a look at some beliefs on reincarnation.

– – Ethics While our Temple is not specifically Wiccan, we have chosen to adopt the Wiccan Rede as a guideline for our code of ethics.

THE BASICS OF OUR PRACTICES – Our ritual style, roles and concepts we make a part of our temple’s orthopraxy.

– – Holidays These are the holidays we observe, and these are the levels at which you must be to come to them, and why.

– – Magic This is how we utilize magic during our rituals, and how we believe that magic works.

– – Clothing, Tools, and Magickal Names Some basics on things you are likely to see and hear at one of our rituals.

– – Divination Another practice utilized by many members of our temple both in and out of ritual is divination.

РРTemple Calendar Our upcoming event schedule.

OUTRO Thanks for reading this, if you have any questions please contact us.

QUESTIONNAIRE If you feel that you might like to join our temple either as a Dedicant or as an Initiate please download the questionnaire and you may either email your answers to us at templehp@templeofthestones.org or print it out and bring it with you to the next gathering you attend.


DEFINITIONS – Some words we use and what we mean by them when we say them.

SEEKERS’ BILL OF RIGHTS – Because you have rights and aren’t being asked to give them up to be a part of our temple…

TEACHERS’ BILL OF RIGHTS – Because we all have rights and deserve to be treated with respect…


HOW OUR BELIEFS MIGHT RELATE TO SCIENCE –¬†A piece from the perspective of Cianaodh¬†√ďg, High Priest of the temple.

SKYCLAD WORKINGS¬†–¬†A more in depth look at our view of skyclad ritual and it’s place in our workings.

OFF-GRID LIVING LINKSA lot of our members are interested in topics like sustainable living, permaculture, prepper knowledge, survivalism, etc. Our ancestors were resourceful people who knew how to live on what nature provided so we aspire to do so as much as possible too. In the interests of that endeavor we maintain this list of links.


The following articles are not by us or from our temple but are a worthwhile read that we feel like sharing:

ABCDEF – Advanced Bonewits Cult Danger Evaluation Frame. Are you in a cult or thinking of joining one? Here’s how to find out.

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