Welcome to the home of Temple Of The Standing Stones. We are an Eclectic Pagan group within Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition based in Arlington, Texas with an emphasis on Celtic / Indo-European and American studies.

Where is our temple? Nature is our temple. You don’t have to go far. Just step outside.

But, as for where we meet, well we meet predominately at our clergy members’ homes in Arlington, Venus or other places in the DFW area as well as outings which we schedule at least one weekend per month. Sometimes we rent space at UU churches. For some events we go camping.To learn more about what we believe and what we are about, please see ABOUT US for our Seekers’ Orientation. Our website is intended for members of the temple as well as prospective seekers or those who are curious and open minded.  Membership only areas are provided for Seekers, Dedicants, and Initiated members to find information and seek help with studies. Public areas are accessible as well to let seekers know who we are and what we believe so they can decide if our flavor of spirituality is right for them.

To see the latest posts which are available to your access level be sure to check the NEWS tab on each visit. If you are a member you will need to remember to LOG IN to see all of the articles which pertain to you. Otherwise you will only see the public postings.

If you are interested in being notified of our upcoming Outer Court events please let us know through the Contact form available on the site menu. (Upper right corner on Desktop Version). Or check our calendar.

We also provide a Temple Forum with a  general discussion area which seekers of all persuasions are welcome to visit for more information or good conversation.

There may be articles here which will not show up under search or by choosing categories under the Members Area Tab. These articles are only accessible if you have attained that level of membership within the temple. Otherwise you will receive a NOTHING FOUND message. If you are a member and get such a message please check to be sure you are currently logged in.


Seeker – Articles opened up to those who have visited a temple gathering at least once and expressed an interest in learning more. Seekers are granted access for a year and a day to decide whether they wish to continue to the initiate or dedicant level. If a Seeker decides not to initiate (join the clergy training program) he or she may continue to follow our Temple (public) level postings and Dedicant level postings as well as attend our public gatherings for as long as they desire.

Dedicant (blue cord) – A Dedicant is a person who desires the spiritual gatherings of rituals and community of like minded folks but who does not have a desire to enter the clergy training program. Such a person may choose to officially dedicate to the gods and the temple so that they may continue to participate as members of the temple laity.

Initiate (purple cord) – One who has officially initiated with the temple by way of our initiation ritual and joined our clergy training program. Initiated temple members may attend all temple rituals and have voting rights in certain temple policy and event planning decisions. Final authority still remains with the leadership of the temple but we generally like to poll our membership for input before making decisions which affect all members. Initiated members have access to the clergy training program and may advance through the degrees to eventually become a High Priest or High Priestess if they so desire.

First Degree (white cord), Second Degree (black cord), Third Degree (red cord) – These materials are only visible to those who have attained the appropriate degree within our clergy training program.

15 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. I’ve also been a solitary practitioner and have worked with an eclectic group. Just moved here 2 weeks ago.

    1. Merrily Met Lisa. While we are eclectic rather than Gardenarian ourselves we are in the Arlington area and welcome newcomers to come visit with us at one of our many events. Also, I have heard from friends about a British Traditional Wiccan group in the area that we might be able to help put you in touch with. Check our Calendar. We get together most Saturdays.

  2. I’ve been looking for a group to join in the arlington area as I have been a practicing wiccan for 2.5 years. If you could give me more info that would be great

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